Pharma Stockist / Distributor – Stock & Sales Statement format in Excel(.xlsx)

What is the need for Stock & Sales Statement?

To ensure proper implementation of all Sales & Marketing strategies in the field sales team needs to send daily work reports, stock and sales statement of stockists, and other reports on time.


Most Pharmaceutical companies in India; review the stock and sales statement on a monthly basis. Management can help develop poor sale areas by reviewing distributor’s stock and sales statement periodically. Stock and Sales statement also helps Pharmaceutical companies to manage inter-company transfers based upon stock and sales requirement and ensure that adequate stocks are maintained in all warehouses.

To Provide accurate sales forecasts, stock and sales reports ensure consistent stock supply and unnecessary dumping of stocking.

What’s Included in the format?

  1. Master data such as Employee master, Chemist master, Stockist master, Product Master
  2. Stock Opening and Closing – Unit and Value wise
  3. Employee & stockist record

Download the Stock & Sales Statement Format in Excel.

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