Social Media Analytics

Social Media Monitoring for Pharma

Engage with key influencers & opinion leaders

Listen, measure, understand & engage. Medismo Social Media Analytics platform is a comprehensive and Spam-Free Database featuring billions of social media conversations. This database is constantly evolving by actively indexing niche blogs, social networks, Twitter, YouTube, wiki sites, message boards, video sharing sites, and news sources. This data lets you better understand what patients and doctors need, listen to what is being said online about your brands and unmet needs and match that up marketing strategies.

Do you know – what is the biggest unmet need among your highest targeted physicians?


Top Benefits of Social Media Analytics

  • Track your competitors & uncover their web strategies. Follow their trends on the web. Gain a competitive advantage. Counter-attack their marketing strategies.
  • Follow industrial & technological trends.Track the latest relevant publications and recent patents. Survey social media trends, current events, and bookmarking sites.
  • Be alerted of global events or competitors’ releases. Get notified about of potential business ventures or new competitors. Stay informed on upcoming conferences or events relevant to your sector.
  • Key Influencer Identification: Quickly identify the people leading conversations and shaping opinion, and then engage with them to build relationships.
  • Competitive Analysis: Quickly compare reach, share of voice and brand impact against competitors, as well as different topics and brands.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Discover whether the relevant and important conversations are positive, negative or neutral. Also take action from the same window.
  • Post, Reply & Schedule: Send out new messages or reply to an incoming one. Schedule tweets for future announcements or key events.
  • Moderate & Approve: Setup rules for publishing tweets based on approval from company Management and legal teams.
  • Integrate to CRM: Get a 360-degree view of what physicians are saying online, and make a comprehensive physician profile on your CRM for better targeting and segmentation.

What are the sentiments shared by highest targeted physicians about brands in popular online communities?

Social Media Analysis and Analytics for Pharma is not just a Trend, but a true “business requirement” to remain competitive in 2014.

Why you need Pharma Social Media Analytics?

— Understand key conversations, themes and trendspharma-social-media-monitoring
— Unlimited queries and access to billions of conversations
— Identify key influencers by industry or demographic groups
— Conduct in-depth research, prepare detailed reports
— Most buzzed about products and topics at the conference
— Most buzzed about KOLs / Companies at the conference
— Trends and patterns of disease states, compounds and treatments through semantic intelligence
— Real-time alerts when brand is discussed in 35+ FDA sites (including MedWatch & CDER).
— Aggregation and trending of scholar publications from PubMed and Google Scholar.
— Ability to assign tasks, collaborate/track progress to take action.

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