Medismo Pharma ERP

Operate more efficiently, predictably & profitably

Customized ERP for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies

Benefit from Medismo ERP for Pharma Manufacturing and optimize your business processes like purchasing, batch production, sales functions, inventory control, quality assurance, accounting & financials and regulatory reporting under one platform. This kind of a co-ordination between planning, procurement, production, quality assurance, quality controls, engineering and finance departments enables the management to scale up or scale down and meet the market trends and minimize risks.

Medismo Pharma ERP is the simplest way to manage Internal & External resources of your company.

Pharma ERP: Top benefits

  • Medismo Pharma ERP helps consolidate all business operations into an uniform & enterprise ready platform.
  • Facilitate the flow of information between all departments of an organization
  • Meet delivery deadlines and predict shortage of raw materials
  • Calculate lead time for the upcoming raw materials and packaging materials
  • Oversee every area of your business using one software

Are you ready to scale up or scale down with the changing International market trends with very less or no prior signs?

Medismo Pharma ERP Modules

—      Production Planning

—      Warehouse/Inventory Control
—      Procurement
—      Production Management
—      Quality and Compliance Management
—      Plant & Machine Maintenance
—      Financial & Accounting
—      Excise Management
—      Distribution and Sales
—      Human Resource Management