Medismo Pharma CRM

Medismo Pharma CRM gives you Agility, Reliability, Scalability & Mobility

India’s 1st true CRM for Pharma

Medismo’s Pharma CRM provides easy and simple workflow for sales force effectiveness and administration. Medismo CRM helps sales reps build relationships with key contacts & followups made with doctors, chemists, stockist, blood banks, distributors and hospitals.

Medismo Pharma CRM links the Company Head quarters(HO), regional offices and Medical representatives from any location in the world. Pharma CRM Dashboard generates more than 55+ type of reports which covers daily visits to Doctors, Chemists, stockist; Samples/Gifts dispensed etc.

Invest in tomorrow’s CRM, Today!

  • Sales Rep Reporting on a Daily basis
  • Specialty Care Management
  • Cost Center and Profit Center Management
  • Mobile enabled Real-time reporting services
  • Business Intelligence and KPI
  • Launch Custom Surveys
  • Integrated Closed Loop Marketing (CLM)
  • E-detailng & E-sampling

Medismo™ Pharma CRM comes with 6 optional add-on modules. Delivered as SaaS; as well as On-Premise solution for Large setups.

Medismo Pharma CRM: Top features

—      Ease of Use and convenience, no training required for your employees
—      Use of Real Maps and Coordinates for Data visualization and better planning or presentation
—      Use of GPS for Pharma Rep Tracking, First time in India
—      Legacy integration with enterprise systems
—      Seamless integration via Smartphones, lets you work even when you are away from your laptop.
—      Works with your existing SFA software or as a fully managed solution
—      Secure exchange of information via bank grade encryption.
—      Mobile Pharma CRM Software for mobility and connectivity

Over 100 Pharma Marketing & Sales organizations have adopted and deployed Medismo Pharma CRM with integrated Sales Force Automation(SFA) to help increase sales effectiveness, increase win rates, shorten the sales cycle and drive more revenue. The power of Medismo Pharma CRM lies in managing the relationships. Its an all around effective communication channel for your Sales reps, managers and management to work on the same goal and always be on the same page.