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E-learning is the perfect complement to textbooks, clinical papers and the classroom

E-learning for the Pharma sales force can prove very effective in situations where the same information needs to be delivered to a large group of learners, for example, an induction training. Its because e-learning provides a consistent message to everyone.

Learners do not have to spend as much time away from their “real” work – which to drive sales and bring revenue. E-learning shortens the time required in the classroom, and helps save travel costs and allows increased productivity. Medismo CloudVarsity Platform allows Learners either to dip in and out of self-paced lessons or mandatorily complete and clear tests to qualify for a set goal which the company moderator can preset.

Project yourself as a Knowledge company – with a branded Knowledge Portal that incorporates self-paced learning modules, articles, case studies, clinical trails, dosage and indications, videos, an interactive “ask a question” facility and games with a competitive element.

Customer Story

One of clients in the past, would require the new sales reps to spent two weeks in the physical classroom. Now with the CloudVarsity platform – the program transformed into an 1 week of classroom training and five 2 hour e-learning sessions, interspersed with time in the field. Though the training now takes longer to complete, but the New Sales Reps have time to review and consolidate their learning, while remaining productive.

The top 5 reasons our customer recommends Medismo CloudVarsity™

E-learning adds value by supplementing understanding and aiding revision. Save 50 % or more within 1st year.

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CloudVarsity E-learning Solutions

e-learning materials reach more people in a shorter period of time and eliminate the need for live instruction led training. The total costs incurred from related travel, hotels, and meals add up to more than 50% of savings. Create an environment of constant learning for sales people and a need for fast, efficient delivery of relevant and highly sophisticated, engaging content that can be quickly disseminated and absorbed.

If your goal is to send highly trained people in the field as quickly as possible and to minimize time spent away from selling activities – look no further.

—      Medical concepts and specific subjects.
—      Drug administration and usage.
—      Operative procedures and conditions.
—      General healthcare and hygiene.
—      Clinical Trails
—      Healthcare technology / providers.
—      Pharmaceutical sales team on various drugs.
—      Clinical research organizations.
—      Healthcare equipment manufacturers.
—      Journals ePubs