E-detailing & Sampling

Enhance physician engagement, add value & reap profits

E-Detailing is an Engaging Digital Communications channel

Pharmaceutical and Lifesciences companies are facing stiff competition where physicians have less time to spend with sales reps. e-Detailing offers physicians an opportunity to improve the way they work and gives them an option to get useful info when they need or order samples online. It also cut costs and increase revenues for pharmaceutical companies. Infact for many physicians, the e-Detailing model asserted itself as a more informative – and cost effective – alternative to the sales reps! Medismo e-detailing add-on provides doctors with all the information that a traditional sales rep could provide, in addition to alerting them to a wealth of Audio-Visual resources which can be consumed and interpreted easily.

e-Detailing helps in building trust and convenience into the physician relationship. Get best return on investment(RoI) through focused approach to medical communications.

Medismo E-detailing

Combine data from leading medical journals and professional conferences, as well as personal experiences from other physicians and peer-to-peer discussion capabilities – along with drug company literature – to build information sources that physician’s value and deliver it via personal e-detailing tool or through online knowledge portal.

Top 5 reasons to adopt e-detailing

  • Doctors can access published scientific, technical, or medical information that is relevant to your product when it’s most convenient for them
  • A combination of real & virtual reps yields the best sales results
  • Multimedia delivery of promotional and/or educational messages
  • Sample request and fulfillment with full tracking/reports
  • Provides interaction, video content, sound, and animation which could increase impact on the physician

Tactics used in e-detailing

  • Virtual Detailing – Web or CD-based self-guided informational programs with no live communication
  • Video Detailing – Online, live, or phone assisted browsing through virtual sales presentations
  • Knowledge Portal – Digital promotional or educational efforts (Portals, digital signage, etc)
  • Online Events – Online seminar, CME events, Key opinion leader event, or web conference

e-detailing is a high impact marketing strategy

Its time to enhance the value of the MR in the eyes of the doctors. E-Detailing is a cost-effective, growth intensive strategy.

How do Doctors benefit from e-detailing?

With e-detailing, doctors get the flexibility and control when it comes to time, privacy and objectivity, without disrupting their daily routine and compromising the quality of patient care they provide. Its often seen that busy doctors will take time out to talk to sales representatives from a company with which they have a good relationship.

—      Access to timely and updated drug information that is valuable to them
—      Order drug samples anywhere anytime
—      Participate in peer-to-peer discussions on medical topics that interest them
—      Achieve time-efficient interaction with sales reps
—      Builds trust and allows Doctors to actively interact with Pharma companies at their own terms.